Emily Werner - RESERVED SEATS - Thurs. Mar. 15th at 6:30pm
Emily Werner - RESERVED SEATS - Thurs. Mar. 15th at 6:30pm
Emily Werner - RESERVED SEATS - Thurs. Mar. 15th at 6:30pm
The Makers Market and Workshops

Emily Werner - RESERVED SEATS - Thurs. Mar. 15th at 6:30pm



Early registration is encouraged to secure your spot.  Registration closes 24 hours before start of workshop   

You're going to have a blast in this DIY class!  We don't teach you how to make crafts, we teach you to DIY! Our classes include everything you need (including power tools!) to create the perfect piece of charming decor for your home. BYOB! You may bring your own beer, wine and food! This is an adult workshop, only those 18 years of age and older are permitted into the workshop area.     

    • Choose from over 50 non-toxic paint and stain colors the night of the workshop. The color combinations are endless!
    • We only use new raw wood in our workshops! Please note that each piece of wood is unique and may have flaws such as chips and knots. This adds to the character of your custom piece!
    • No artistic talent required! We have a ton of tips, tricks and techniques for painting and distressing...without the stressing!  

    DO NOT READ THE FOLLOWING UNIMPORTANT INFORMATION (Just Kidding...please read all the information below as if there's an awesome prize waiting for you at the end.)

    • This is an adult workshop only. Only those 18 years of age and older may enter the workshop - This is due to our BYOB policy and insurance liability.  If you would like to bring children, please register for one of our daytime workshops, children ages 6 and up are welcome!  
    • Only registered guests may enter the workshop area. Each person must register for their own project due to limited seating. Excludes couple's projects as you will need two people to complete your project. (This is the ONLY exception)
    • Designs are not interchangeable. For instance, standard sign designs will only fit on the standard size boards.
    • Our designs are licensed, and therefore are unable to be changed or altered. If you would like to change any part of a design or create your own, please select the custom design option when making your selection. A custom design is an option we do not currently offer and is subject to a $25.00 custom design fee.
    • When asked for personalization of your design, this simply means if the design you chose has a name, established year, city, etc, we need you to enter this information so we may cut your stencil. - Only designs shown with personalization may be personalized.
    • We cut stencil designs as we receive orders. Therefore, the design you choose and any personalization you select at checkout will be stencil you will receive at the workshop. Please double check all of your information you entered, including the design number and spelling. If you would like to change your design or project after registering, you may, but this will be subject to a $10.00 change fee. Thank you for understanding.