Dr. Squatch Citrus Mint - Morning Toothpaste

Dr. Squatch Citrus Mint - Morning Toothpaste

Dr. Squatch Citrus Mint - Morning Toothpaste

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Squatch morning breath with citrus & mint

Tastes Like:
Citrus and Mint
Works Like:
Hydroxyapatite for enamel protection

Formulated for men

Citrus Mint - Morning

Start your day like a champion

Dr. Squatch natural toothpaste for men is formulated specifically for your morning and night routines. Free from harsh chemicals, sulfates and parabens, our morning and night toothpaste duo fights sensitivity and supports enamel health around the clock with Hydroxyapatite, a natural calcium-based mineral identical to tooth enamel.

Morning: Citrus Mint blasts away morning breath with a burst of Peppermint. Green Tea Extract and Vitamin B12 give you the invigorating kick you need to start your day like a champion, while Ginseng supports your manly health. We’ve got you covered all day with a lasting clean from Tea Tree oil and enamel support from Hydroxyapatite.
4.7 oz

Supports enamel health


Free from harsh chemicals, sulfates, & parabens

We use natural ingredients in all of our products, but it's still possible to experience an adverse reaction to certain ingredients. If any reaction or skin irritation occurs, discontinue use and consult with a medical professional. We’re always trying to improve our products to give you the best of the best. Check out your product packaging for the most up-to-date details.

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