1Pm - Sat. Oct. 27Th - Family Fun Workshop - Workshop
1Pm - Sat. Oct. 27Th - Family Fun Workshop - Workshop

1pm - Sat. Oct. 27th - Family Fun Workshop

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We currently have 11 spots available.

Family Fun Open Paint! 

Ages 5 and Up (no Drop-offs, Adults must accompany children) 

  • Come Join us for Family Fun Open Paint! Pay Now, pick your design from our pre-cut stencils when you arrive! (more info below)
  • Please note: our open paint sessions are more informal and laid back, which is perfect for children. We utilize hand sanding instead of the power sanders due to our adjacent businesses being open. 
  • Each Person will be limited to 2 hrs. in the workshop area      

Pricing and Projects

  • 12" x 16" Plank Wood Sign                       
  • Adults $35.00
  • Children: $25.00 (ages 5 to 17)   
  • Lots of design options to choose from at the studio.You will choose from our precut stencils once you arrive. We have over 80 designs available.
  • Unfortunately, we are unable to offer personalized or custom designs.